How To Fix “Cannot save the document” Error

Sometimes, if not usually, Windows errors’ messages are not informative!

A user reported that he could not save a PDF document to his “My Documents” folder. When clicking on the save button, he gets this message “Unable to save the document. An I/O error has occurred“. Thank you, Windows, for this message!

So I did run Process Monitor from SysInternals Tools and corded a trace while saving the PDF documents…

Process Monitor has an interesting tool called “Count Occurrences” that I use often. It lists all the Procmon interface columns, and when you choose a column, it will show you all the values contained in this column.

I selected “Result” in the column list. In the displayed values, there is one value that caught my attention; Disk full!

I double-clicked this value, to apply a filter…

You can see that the My Documents folder is redirected to a network location. And there were quotas applied to this folder on the file server, and this user reached his maximum allowed storage size.

Process Monitor is handy tool, to troubleshoot and fix problems.

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