How To Check The Bios Version

Bios Version

In this article, I will show you three ways to check your bios version, and the release date, without restarting your Windows 10 computer.

This will work on any Windows 10 computer, regardless of the computer brand.

1. Using the Msinfo32 tool

You can check your Bios version by using the ‘’msinfo32’’ Windows native tool.

  • Click on the Windows 10 start menu, and type msinfo32
  • Under the summary tab, there is the Bios version, as well as the release date.

2. Using Speccy tool

Speccy is a free tool released by the same company that released the famous CCleaner tool, which most of us use to clean out computers from outdated and junk files.

  • In the Speccy main Windows, click on the motherboard link to display the Bios version and the release date.

3. Using PowerShell

Open a Powershell session, and type the following command: ‘’Get-computerinfo’’

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