How To Troubleshoot Windows Like An Expert

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Troubleshooting is more an art than a science and you are the artist. And like any artist you must use the right tools to produce your piece of art.
The photographer use a camera to take photos, the painter use a brush to paint and the list can become longer…
Windows performance problems can be difficult to solve, without using the right tools, even if you have a good knowledge of the operating system.
Because Windows does not always give you enough information that leads to the solution.
One of the most known Windows performance issue, that everyone has encountered at least one time in his life, is the boot delay.
How do you troubleshoot this problem ?
Personally, before I discover Windows Performance Toolkit, I go through the traditional path;
- Check the events log
- Scan disk,
- Scan for viruses
- search for similar issue on the internet
- posting on forums
- ...etc.
This method can take a lot of time, and not always pays off.
If you are an IT professional, offering a user or a client support, you must solve these problems quickly. it will make your users or clients happy and give you more credit as a professional.
The first time I discovered this tool, I thought waooo... this is the tool I should master. I quickly saw the benefits I can draw.
So I started learning and searching for any online resources on the subject. But I didn't find any structured tutorial, course or book that can teach me from A to Z, how to master this tool and how to use it to solve real Windows Performance issues !
It took me several months to learn Windows Performance Troubleshooting using WPT. And I'll teach you what I've learned in this online course.
I'm not one of those "Experts" who will gorge you with theory. I've been in your place guys and I know what your problems are.
I decided to create this course to help you master this powerful troubleshooting technique in a short period of time.
This is not just about mastering the tool, because behind the tool there is the technique.
• How to record a trace file, and capture those events appearing during the critical period you want to analyze;
• Understand the tool and it's different options;
• I'll introduce you to some Windows internals basics;
• And the big part will be reserved to the study of real cases I solved using this tool;
Windows System administrators, IT Support Engineers, IT Helps Desk Engineer and IT Professionals how wants to learn an efficient way to quickly solve Windows Performance issues.
Don't take this course if you are a beginner ;
Don't take this course if you are not interested in Windows troubleshooting ;
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