In this post I will show how to troubelshoot an access issue to a shared folder using Sysinternals tools.

The case:

In Symantec Backup Exec, I wanted to add a new storage device as a share. The shared folder was created in a Synology NAS, with domaine administrator rights including my username. But I got the following error: “The path seems to be invalide. Check the server and the paths names”.

Chemain inaccessible_modif

So I tried to access the shared folder with Windows Explorer…and it works!


So why Symantec BE is unable to access this share?

To discover it, I run Process Monitor and I take a trace when I clic on the Next button.

In process monitor I do a search on the “\\NASSYNOLOGY\Backup” string and the first result give me a clue. The process “BackupExecManagementService.exe” trying to access the “\\NASSYNOLOGY\Backupp” share is getting “ACCESS DENIED” as a result.


The next step is to determine which user is running the BackupExecManagementService.exe process. To do so, I use the SysInternals’ Process Explorer tool.

In process Explorer, right clic on BackupExecManagementService.exe, then clic on properties and then on Security tab to get the user name who ran this process.


Effectively this user were not granted the access rights on the shared folder. By giving it the correct access rights the problem was solved.

You can dowload the Sysinternals suite here:

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